Can you spare and hour or two to help us?

In 1997, two years before the Pomegranate was due to celebrate 60 years as a Civic Theatre, a meeting was held in the bar to seek volunteers to form a fundraising group. Since then we have raised almost £50,000 and provided numerous additional facilities for users of the theatre. In recent years our focus has been on accessibility, funding projects such as the audio-description equipment and, most recently, the installation of an adapted-toilet off the foyer. The theatre is about to celebrate its 70th birthday so we’d like to collect as much as possible for the anniversary year but we’re very few in number and there are 50 public performances of Cinderella to cover, so

We are looking for volunteers to join us in selling raffle tickets at the pantomime - one performance or ten, every little helps – the more we sell the more we raise.

Rafflers arrive at the theatre (come with a friend and make it an outing!) about an hour before the start of each performance, pin on a badge, and sell tickets to audience members on their way into the show; the ’shift’ can be finished ten minutes after the curtain goes up. There’s a friendly atmosphere and, even if you’re not a fan of panto, you can soak up the anticipatory excitement and enjoy the festive spirit. Further information from Mike Spriggs on 01246 233475 or email us at ctfarchive@gmail.com

Thank you

Mike Spriggs