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From Crisp Boxes to Cyberspace

Welcome to our archive!

The material entered onto this website has been amassed from various sources but the bulk of the programmes, flyers and posters from the Pomegranate era were originally collected in empty boxes from the theatre bar. Anyone glancing through the door in the kitchen behind the coffee bar used to see a ramshackle collection of shelves supporting boxes marked Salt and Vinegar or Cheese and Onion. Despite numerous moves, and the ravages of dust and water-damage, this ramshackle accumulation of information about the theatre has now been sorted into some semblance of order by members of the Chesterfield Theatre Friends Archive Group. 

Many hours of painstaking work have brought us this far, but there's a lot left to do; we hope you will find our site interesting and informative - and if you can fill in any gaps or omissions all contributions will be gratefully received...

Contact us by emailing ctfarchive@gmail.com