Pomegranate Theatre Archive

The Pomegranate Theatre Archive is spread across three locations - the theatre, Chesterfield Library and Chesterfield Museum. We have made some progress in cross-referencing what is where.

The material stored at the theatre is a mix of old and new material. The principal components are:

Memorabilia kept by the staff over a 60+ year period.The principal elements relate to:

publicity (flyers, posters, promotional advertising, press briefings and newsletters);

productions (scripts, programmes, photographs and press cutttings);

personal mementos (donated personal archive files, photographs, medallions and cups);

miscellaneous items ( sound effects (on records), correspondence and scrapbooks).

We are scrutinising the content of each programme and summarising the key features using a standard form - known as the Programme Review Form (PRF). These forms are listed per decade and those already entered can be accessed on this website. The original programmes are housed currently at the theatre and in temporary storage. They can only be accessed by request.

New material added since 2007 includes:

written memories - freehand notes or brief comments on the back of 'memory postcards';

oral memories - recorded reflections from people who know the theatre from their personal involvement in its life and work.

These memories are being collected from four principal groups:

current and former members of staff;

theatregoers (longstanding and recent);

community performers (principally organisations and societies such as Chesterfield Operatic Society, Chesterfield Playgoers, Peak Performance, the Pomegranate Youth Theatre and various Dance Schools);

professional actors and production directors (most especially those who visit the theatre on a regular basis - e.g. Rumpus Theatre, Tabs Productions and Talking Scarlet). 

 In partnership with Chesterfield Sewing Club various authentic-like custumes, stage props and play artefacts are being added to the theatre or museum collections. These largely arise from supporting local history productions written and designed by the Pomegranate Youth Theatre.

We are also compiling notes on Using theatre archive material and we hope to present these on the site in the near future. 

  • 1969

    Who Goes There

    Production Type: Comedy

  • 2019

    Archaeological Day

    Production Type: Talks.Discussions

  • 1989

    50 Years of Song & Dance

    Production Type: Music/Dance

  • 1989

    Dangerous Corner

    Production Type: Drama

  • 1988

    Private Lives

    Production Type: Drama/Comedy

  • 1953

    Love's A Luxury

    Production Type: Comedy

  • 1952

    The Eagle Has Two Heads

    Production Type: -

  • 1992

    Office Suite (1)

    Production Type: Drama/comedy-2 short plays entitled-GREEN FORMS & A VISIT FROM MISS PROTHERO

  • 1957

    White Horse Inn

    Production Type: Musical Comedy

  • 1992

    A Murder is Announced

    Production Type: Thriller

  • 2018-2019


    Production Type: Pantomime

  • 2018

    Dancing Through Life

    Production Type: Music/dance

  • 2018

    The Hour

    Production Type: Drama

  • 1967

    Jane Eyre

    Production Type: Based on the novel Jayne Eyre by Charlotte Bronte.

  • 2018


    Production Type: Music

  • 2018

    Peppa Pig`s Adventure

    Production Type: Childrens production.Songs, dancing and interaction with audience.

  • 2018

    Robin Windsor The All Fun Farewell Tour

    Production Type: Dance

  • 2018

    The Devil's Bride

    Production Type: Drama