The Devil's Disciple

Year: 1949

Start Date: Monday 28th March

End Date: Saturday 2nd April

Production Company: Chesterfield Playgoers Society

Type: A melodrama in three acts

Author: George Bernard Shaw

Director: H. Mellor

Phil Wildin
Jean Cooper
Royston Cooper
J H Hodkin
Daphne Hallows
E B Robinson
Charles Cooper
Ivy B Malson
Alfred E Peel
Grace E McCollum
Norman Hobbs
J H Blenkinship
Arthur Lawson
A Greenough
E E Greaves
Stanley Ward
Also large cast of extras, officers, soldiers, townsfolk

Items of Interest in the Programme:
This is the Society's 25th major production,
Francis Jackson, the Society President (1945-1949) takes a look at this the first appearance of the Playgoer's Society in the new Civic Theatre and thanks the supporters of the last 22 years of the Society's existence.
Names and dates of past officials of the Society, Presidents, Chairmen, Hon. Secretaries, Hon. Treasurers, Hon.Life Members.
Titles and dates of the 25 major productions 1938-1949. Cast members for all 25 productions (all presented at Bradbury Hall) small photo clips from the productions.
Full page headed "A Note on the Play" brief outline of story.

2 pages headed "Our Story" the origins of the Society in December 1926. Play readings commenced, public productions followed, starting with 4 plays at the Miners Welfare Hall 7th Dec 1928, one act plays were then produced every December.
1930 saw their first drama festival success. Membership grew and the Society continued during the war.
List of one act plays produced 1928 to 1949.
List of Drama Festival successes 1930 to 1947.
List of play readings 1927 to 1949.

Other items / issues of interest:
Special celebratory programme "on the occasion of our twenty-fifth major production"