One Wild Oat

Year: 1951

Start Date: Monday 19th November

End Date: Saturday 25th November

Production Company: Chesterfield Civic Theatre Ltd

Author: Vernon Sylvaine

Director: Producer: Morris Barry; Stage Director: George Holst

Sheila Stones
Kathleen Williams
James Belchamber
Edward Brooks
Maureen O'Reilly
Peter Stephens
William Lucas
June Vivian
Alan Rowe
John Arnatt
Margaret Tyzack
Anthony Millican
Hilda Kriseman

Items of Interest in the Programme:
Ad for next week "Home at Seven" by RD. Sherriff
Outline of story described as "Full of Mystery and Suspense, Intriguing and convincing, charactered by people like you and me".
STOP PRESS! Advance booking for our Tremendous Christmas Holiday Attraction: "Charley's Aunt" by Brandon Thomas, commences Monday 26th November 1951
Ad for Chesterfield Three Arts Society present The Halle Promenade Orchestra, conductor Herman Lindars, Sunday December 2nd at 3 pm.

Other items / issues of interest:
This is a general type of programme.