Merrie England

Year: 1952

Start Date: Monday March 31st

End Date: Saturday 5th April

Production Company: Chesterfield Operatic Society

Type: Opera

Author: Composer: Edward German, written by Basil Hood

Director: Producer: Frederic Sabine

Frank Greensmith
Bernard Hill
Stanley Brown
Alfred J. Greaves
Eric Moxon
Edgar Pollendine
Tommy Pollendine
Kenneth Holmes
Wilfred Allen
H. Marsden
Elizabeth Atrill
Sheila Pain
Peggy Childs
Margery Thompson
Pattie Thornhill
Mary Hughes
Daphne Hallows
Muriel Watts
Doris Jacques
Edith Middleton
Alan V Mason
R.E.O. Mason
J. Elliott
Joan Edwards
Dorothy Hunt
Plus large male and female chorus cast

Items of Interest in the Programme:
Outline of the story act by act.
List of previous productions 1905 to 1951.
List of Society Officials
Programme of music in the production.
Photograph of Frederic Sabin
Short piece on the production of "Merrie England" first given by Chesterfield Operatic Society week of Nov. 24th 1919. This was the first production after the 1914-1918 War, principal cast members listed.
Forthcoming attractions.
This programme has autographs of cast members.

Other items / issues of interest:
The programme is specific to this production