Meet Mr Callaghan

Year: 1954

Start Date: Monday 24th May

End Date: Saturday 29th May

Production Company: Chesterfield Civic Theatre Ltd

Type: Detective/Mystery

Author: Gerald Verner from the Novel "The Urgent Hangman" by Peter Cheyney

Director: George Holst

Constance Scrimshaw
Nigel Davenport
Anne Smith
Gerard Glaister
Jon Curle
Bryn Roberts
Raymond Mason
Denis Holmes
David McCallum
Gillian Owen
Peter Forster
Stuart Hutchison

Items of Interest in the Programme:
Ad for next week's production "Hay Fever" by Noel Coward, a family comedy, described as "Vintage Coward,and therefore, first class entertainment".
Promotion for week commencing 7th June "Bed, Board and Romance" by Harry Jackson, "A Lancashire comedy, chosen specially to brighten the Whit-Holidays".
Insert re: Civic Theatre Trust Fund Appeal, plus full page of Trust Fund Information.

Other items / issues of interest:
This is a general type of programme.