Year: 1954

Start Date: Monday 14th June

End Date: Saturday 19th June

Production Company: Chesterfield Civic Theatre Ltd

Author: Patrick Hamilton

Director: Gerard Glaister

Peter Forster
Jon Curle
George Holst
Bryn Roberts
Anne Smith
Raymond Mason
Esme Easterbrook
Nigel Davenport

Items of Interest in the Programme:
Notice, announcing a new service for your convenience, patrons may make a deposit with the manager, of £3 or more and have theatre tickets posted to them one week in advance.
In the lounge this week, an exhibition of pottery, paintings, drawings and embroidery by David J Flatow and James A Massey, two young Chesterfield artists
Next week's production "The Martins' Nest" by Joan Morgan.
Production week commencing 28th June "Painted Sparrows" by Guy Paxton and E.V. Hoile, described as "A charming human comedy".
The file also contains a newspaper cutting (no details of which paper, or date) re: Stuart Hutchison, cast member, leaving the Civic Theatre to take a TV role, in the play "A wilderness of monkeys". Stuart was to have taken the lead role in this week's production of "Rope".

Other items / issues of interest:
This is a general type of programme