Schools Drama Festival (2)

Year: 1964

Start Date: 25 March

End Date: 25 March

Production Company: Chesterfield Rural District Council

Thornbridge School
"One for the Festival" from "The Charge of the Light Brigade"
by A Tennyson
Produced by Mr R Rainer
Cast of 6

Westfield School Junior Drama Club
"The Stones of Plouhenic" by Jay Vernon
Produced by Mr T E Stoneman
Cast of 25

North Wingfield Deincourt Secondary School
"Down to the Sea" by Stuart Ready
Produced by Mr R G Rastall
Cast of 6

Frecheville Secondary School
"St Joan" Sceno One
by George Bernard Shaw
Produced by Mr J Furness
Cast of4

Killamarsh Secondary School
"Fun on the Farm"
by Jame Edwards
Produced by Miss A Jones
Cast of 5