Ruggigore and Trial by Jury

Year: 1966

Start Date: 14 May

End Date: 14 May

Production Company: Chesterfield Choral Society

Type: Full Concert Version

Author: Gilbert and Sllivan

Director: Director Conductor - Clin Wheatley

Accompanist: Mary Hodkin
Orchestra Leader: Gladys Corker
Narrator: Joyce Davey
Orchestra arranged by: Geoffrey Gratton

Background to Production:
In 1875 Mr Richard D'Oyly Carte asked W S Gilbert to produced bright little curtain raiser and he came up with Trial by Jury.
Arthur Sullivan agreed to set it to music and it was in rehearsal within three weeks. It was first performed at the Royalty Theatre Soho on 25 March 1875. Sullivan's brother Frederick was the Judge.

The Unlucky Opera
Ruddigore was created and produced in the shadow of the enormous success of the Mikado.It had a poor first night in 1887 and only just off the ground and ran for eight months.

Cast Wilfred Allen Mabel Rodway
Edward Smith Joan Wheeler
Bob Harris Valerie Wright
Anthony Hallam Don Lawson
Barbara Nottingham Sidney Norris
Doreen Shand