Year: 2017

Start Date: 05.10.only

End Date: -

Production Company: New Perspectives( Arts Council)

Type: Social History/Drama

Author: Richard Bean

Director: Jack McNamara (artistic) Sally Ane Tye ( executive)

John Askew. Matthew Brown. Thomas Cotran. Tom Edward-Kane.Zoe Iqbal .Elizabeth Twells

Background to Production:

Items of Interest in the Programme:

John Askew-Has many stage roles to his credit-listed.

Matthew Brown-Has been acting for 17 years professionally since graduating from Newcastle upon Tyne.He has many stage roles to his credit-listed .His T.V. appearances include- The Revenge Files of Alistair Fury & Grandpa in My Pocket .He has also been involved in quite a range of T.V. adverts-listed.

Thomas Cotran-Hails from Huddersfield & graduated from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow. He has many stage roles to his credit-listed.

Tom Edward-Kane-He trained at R.A.D.A. and this play is his professional debut. He played many roles whilst he was training-listed and his film credits include Wasted & Two Sides.

Zoe Iqbal- She trained at Salford Uni`y & some of her stage credits, after training, are listed. Her T.V. credits include The Dumping Ground & All At Sea.
She also had a role in the film, Finding Fatimah.
Zoe was a semi-finalist in the Funny Woman Awards in 2011 and the Norman Beaton Fellowship in 2015.

Elizabeth Twells-She trained at The Birmingham School of Acting . She has many roles to her credit-listed .Her film appearances were in Eva`s Legacy ,Your`e It ,Stalker & The Situation.

Other items / issues of interest:
In the programme. . . . . .
Background information about the production.

Chart showing chronological order of when the events take place within the play.

List of the "creatives" who had jobs on the production side-directing/managing etc.Plus some background inf`n about some of them.

Glossary about some of the terminology used in the play.

Collecting envelope included with the programme for a more immediate donations to the company