My fair Lady

Year: 2017

Start Date: 01.06.

End Date: 03.06.

Production Company: Peak Performance

Type: Musical

Author: Book & Lyrics-Alan Jay Lerner.Music-Frederick Loewe.

Director: Mike Spriggs.Musical Director,Nick Stacey.Choreography,Jo Hooper.

Julie Fletcher.Charlotte Barlow. Andrew Moore. Geoff Leyland. Mike Spriggs. Sean O`Donovan. Barry Johnson. Andrew Bradley. Rob Hall. Sue Spriggs. Clare Leyland.Christine Kocheta. Marlene Smith. Elizabeth Barlow. Carl Mott. Lesley Vaughan.Jayne Rawlinson.

Servants-ladies-Debi Alvey.Kelly Gibbons. Joan Hopkinson.

Servants-men-Nigel Bragg. Roger Bugg. Steve Ingle. Ian Jones.

Some of the aforementioned also featured in the chorus along with the following

Sylvia Blundell. Margaret Cass. Anne Darby. Sophie Etell. Georgia Ewington.Claire Freeman. Sue Kinley. Diana Leivers. Jayne Miller. Norma Neath. Claire Roddy. Maureen Ward. Sam Woodhouse. Matthew Livings. Alan Senior.

Background to Production:
First produced at the Mark Hellinger Theatre New York on March 15 th 1956.
Original cast recording in 1956.

Items of Interest in the Programme:
Cast photograph.

Individual photos of the principal players/singers.

Synopsis of storyline and scenes.

All production team members listed and resume of their background.

List of orchestra members.

Other items / issues of interest: