Romeo and Juliet (1)

Year: 2017

Start Date: 12.01.

End Date: One performance only

Production Company: Ballet Theatre U.K.

Type: Music/dance

Author: Sergei Prokofiev

Director: Rehearsal director & ballet mistress Gwenaelle Poline Santos

LEAD ROLES Isaac Peter Bowry .Laia Ramon. Oliver Cooper. Alistair Beatte.Lucien Vecchienelli .Claire Corruble-Cabot. Dominic Who. Emma Miller. Orlando Bond. Alex Burrows.

Grace Carr. Erin Flaherty. Erin McNeill. Samantha Rodulfo.

Artistic director & choreography -Christopher Moore.

Costume design-Danell Hope.

Set design-Philip Moore

Lighting design-Russ Marquis.

Background to Production:
The ballet is based on the story by William Shakespeare .It is superbly suited to dance and its drama ,romance and tragedy.

Since the early 1930`s choreographers have been lucky enough to have Prokofiev`s musical score specifically written for the ballet.

Items of Interest in the Programme:
Artists in the production are listed on an individual insert to the souvenir brochure.

Message from the director.

Montage of action pictures.

A precis Is included for each of acts one and two.

Background info`n about the ballet( see above) and the score.

Other items / issues of interest:
List of thanks to people for their help and support with the production.