Showcase 2017 Dance.Sing.Drama

Year: 2017

Start Date: 18.07. only

End Date: -

Production Company: Derbyshire Theatre Arts

Type: Dance/Music

Author: Various

Director: Various

There were 2 Showcases performed.

Showcase 1 Dick Whittington
Written by Jessica Spanier.
The programme lists the songs and dance routines to be featured in this showcase.

Showcase 2.Untitled.
Choreographers were Julie M. Cox.Tina Ottewell.Ami K. Evans. Melissa A Lye. Sasha M.M. Cox. Milly Schleifer.

The back of the glossy programme lists all the many participants of both showcases.

Background to Production:
Aim is to showcase talent in various areas of dance and the production side of the arts.

Successes and achievements were mentioned.

Items of Interest in the Programme:
Item written about the aims of Directions Theatre Arts but no credit given as to the author.

Other items / issues of interest:
Some advertising and "thankyous"