Year: 2017

Start Date: 06.03.

End Date: -

Production Company: U. Dance in the East Midlands

Type: Music/dance

Author: Various Choreographers-see later.

Director: See choreographers later.

Various. The following are the groups taking part and details of their contents.

Brookfield Community School.
Title-A Lady Through Picasso`s Eyes
Choreography-Alison Leigh & dancers.
Music-Isotropie -Smadje.
This is an interpretation of Pablo Picasso`s painting-The Lady in The Mirror.

William Allitt School
Title-Too Little Time
Choreography-Siobhan Buchanan.
Music-Bloc Party ,Linkin Park ,Cinematic Orchestra.
The dance tells of the pressures of everyday life & how this affects interaction between people.

Jump (Deda)
Choreography-Katherine Simpson & dancers.
Music-Night Night-Louisa Dowd.American Horror Story-Cesar Davlia-Irizarry & Charlie.
Focuses on the darker side of Jumps imagination & choreography .Morphing & transforming, they become a creature.
The content was inspired by the ways in which insects & creatures move & interact with each other.

Northampton School for Boys.
Title-To Jimmy.
Choreography-Alison Clinton & dancers.
Music- Details in the Fabric-Jason Mraz featuring James Morrison
The dance explores movement based on the play "Hymns" by Chris O`Connell. It explores the stages of grief & behaviour in response to the death of a friend.

Frederick Gent.
Title-Get off Your Phone.
Choreography-Students & staff collaboration.
Music-People are Vampires-Arctic Monkeys.
This dance explores the relationship between a teenager & their mobile phone.

St.Benedict Catholic Voluntary Academy.
Choreography-Katie Russell & dancers.
Music-Kaash Nitin Sawhney.
The dance explores predators in the natural world.

Lees Brook Community School.
Choreography-Marie Wragg.
Music-Arv Part.
This is a piece about a family`s poverty during the second world war & the anxiety of leaving their family home for fear of no return.

Derbyshire Youth Dance.(Deda)
Title-Walk on by.
Choreography-Hayley Ross & the Company.
Music-String Quartet ( Assez Vif Et Bien Bien Rythme)- Debussy(Henrick Schwartz Rework), Schwanengesang ( Standchen)-Franz Schubert (Kate Simko Remix)
The performance explores people watching & being watched.

Incompany.( Deda)
Title-Cup Half Full.
Choreography-Alice Marshall.(Vale)
Music-San Solomon-Balmorhea
This shows the joy of playing with cups after the company looked at prop manipulation with Alice & the use of the paper cup.

Inspiration School of Dance.
Title-Hurtful Words.
Choreography-Vicki Sidwells.
It shows the pain caused by bullying.

Anthony Gel School.
Choreography-Lucy Foster.
Music-Fosse Music Mix.
Based on the works of Bob Fosse using his stylised movements.

Friesland School.
Choreography-Friesland School.
A Year 9 performance as an introduction to contemporary dance & expressive movement.

Tupton Hall School.
Title-I Rise,
Choreography-Ellie Rose Walker & Phoebe Oldfield.
Music-Spiegel in Spiegel-Arvo Part`s
The result of an A level group`s recent studies inspired by the American, Alvin Alley & his African American heritage.

Friesland School.
Title- Gravity.
Choreography-Louise Swindell.
Music-Gravity-Sara Bareilles.
Gravity is based on the connection between 2 individuals & how that relationship changes & evolves.

Bounceback.( Deda)
Choreography-Alice Marshall(Alice Vale)
Music-Petricor-Ludovico Eniaudi.
Looks at the pull of a relationship that is true but has countless things working to pull it apart.

Background to Production:
The project aims to celebrate the choreographic & performance talents of young people in Derbyshire.

Items of Interest in the Programme:
Thank you list to people/agencies involved in the showcase.

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