Alice in Wonderland

Year: 2018

Start Date: 25.03. only

End Date: -

Production Company: ABP- Anton Benson Productions Ltd

Type: Music/comedy

Author: Anton Benson,Ryan Greaves & Jennifer Sykes

Director: Ryan Greaves.Choreography Chris & Kathy Booth.Musical direction,Paul West.

In order of appearance. . . .
Kate Salmon. Ashleigh Butler & Sully (dog). Ryan Greaves. Phylip Harries. Dave Benson Phillips.Leslie Ash.

Background to Production:
An Easter Panto!
This type of panto has toured since 2016/2017

Items of Interest in the Programme:
Leslie Ash-trained at the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Art. She started her career, modelling for teenage magazines but soon moved on to appear in the Who`s feature film Quadrophenia ,playing the female lead. She is perhaps best known for playing Deborah in the T.V. sitcom, Men Behaving Badly.

Dave Benson Phillips-He started his career in 1981 at The Polka Children`s Theatre in Wimbledon where as a theatre usher he was bitten by the performing bug .He went on to become a Bluecoat at Pontins and later for Haven holidays where he was spotted by the B.B.C. He has many T.V. appearances to his credit-listed

The programme also contains background information about the other cast and production members.

Other items / issues of interest:
Notes from the producer.

Article about Keith Chegwin who had a connection with this production company and is remembered fondly.

The Panto Dressing Room quiz for children.

Article about Ashleigh Butler and her dog-Sully .

Pictures of each of the children`s dance groups involved in each venue of the tour .In this case the relevant group was the Diane Bradbury Theatre Dance School