Cirque Berserk

Year: 2018

Start Date: 16,05. only

End Date: -

Production Company: Cirque Berserk Ltd

Type: Circus activities.

Author: Founder & director-Martin Burton

Director: as above

Lucius Team. Timbuktu Tumblers. Tropicana Troupe .Germaine .Luciano Gabriel. Carina. Jose and Gaby. Mustache Brothers. Onka. Laci. Rosey. Jackie. Toni.Zula. Eva .Kata and Vanessza.

Background to Production:
An explanation about the aim of the troupe which is to combine the skills and traditions of the touring circus with the contemporary approach to staging .There is also further information about the troupe.

Items of Interest in the Programme:
Colourful pictures of some of the acts in progress.

List of the other theatre team members-directors etc.