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Thu 23 November 2017 at 11am

In Conversation - Crisp Boxes to Cyberspace

A series of talks presented by the Chesterfield Theatre Friends – everyone welcome!

Tne years ago in November 2007, Chesterfield Theatre Friends was born. There was a need to raise money to improve the Pomegranate Theatre Bar and what about all the archival material in the boxes? Well, the Friends helped with tables, chairs and crockery. The boxes are now well sorted into a master archive and you can see the results on the www.chesterfieldtheatresfriends.co.uk. Much has happened and been discovered on the journey.


Crisp Boxes To Cyberspace 2




CTF Meetings (All welcome!)

Day Time Group
Tuesday 14 Nov 2 - 5pm Archive
Monday 20 Nov 5:30pm Committee
Tuesday 21 Nov 2 - 5pm Archive 
Tuesday 28 Nov  2  - 5pm Xmas Decorations
 Sat 2 Dec  8.30pm  Panto Party
 Wed 3 Jan  2 - 5pm  Post-panto clear up