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Sun 19 February

2017 Gala Concert

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Thu 23 February 2017

What's That Sound?

Theatre sound effects from coconut shells to micro chips.

Keith Tuttle will give a demonstration of how sound effects were produced from coconut shells, records, tape splicing and the modern technology of today. The Pomegranate Theatre has been his home for producing such sounds for a number of years, you might have heard them.


Thu 27 April 2017

Acting Connections

Many of the actors who have played at the Pomegranate Theatre have also appeared in television productions over the decades. Would you still recognize the theme tunes of these early series and plays and which of our favourite actors met each other during those early days on TV? Can you remember the actors, can you recognize the tunes? There’s the fun and the challenge!


Women I have known - postponed from November 2016 - new date to be confirmed


Local actress Karen Henson has been in the business for just over thirty years. She will share the gossip on some lovely ladies she's been lucky enough to play on stage over the years. Parts ranging from Eliza in Pygmalion, Thora in The Lady from the Sea, Mrs Alving in Ghosts, to Shirley Valentine, Mrs Robinson and Miss Marple.

Tickets £5.50 (includes soup & roll)



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