Diana Rigg

Year of Birth: 1938 (Died 2020)

Earlier/Current: Emma Peel in the TV series ‘The Avengers’. James Bond’s only wife in the film ‘On Her Majesty's Secret Service’. Numerous TV appearances most recently appearing in ‘Game of Thrones’. Many stage roles including the title role in ‘Medea’ for which she received several best actress awards. An excerpt from her biography: The Chesterfield repertory company offered Diana an apprenticeship that paid her seventeen pounds a week for doing a variety of jobs. In addition to acting, she worked as an assistant stage manager, which Rigg says, “ought to be essential to every actor’s experience for what it teaches you about the pure mechanics of theatre”. She explains, “I was sent around the town to collect all the props. We had one sofa and two chairs and each Saturday with tacks and glue we’d re-cover the sofa for the next week’s play”. Diana revelled being immersed in theatre. However, at times she was perhaps a bit too enthusiastic. During one performance she prompted the actor so much, and so noticeably, that the local theatre critic suggested in his column that she should have taken a curtain call. “I must have prompted seventy-three times” she told the Sunday Times. “I got a notice in the local Chesterfield newspaper, and none of the cast would speak to me”.

Time In Chesterfield: 1958

Productions In Chesterfield: