John Goodrum

Time in Chesterfield: 1985 to date

Productions in Chesterfield:
John Goodrum has been a key part of many productions at the Pomegranate Theatre. Most production titles listed have been appended to show whether he was an actor (A) or the director (D).
The Red Room (D)
The Scandal of the Scarlet Woman (D) & (A)
Treasure Island (A)
Sleuth (A)
Someone who'll watch over me (A)
Bedroom Farce (A)
Trust and Madness (A)
Blue Rembered Hills (A)
The Mating Game (D) & (A)
One Fling After Another (D) & (A)
A Bit Between the Teeth (D) & (A)
Run For Your Wife (D) & (A)
Caught in the Net (D) & (A)
Taking Steps (A)
Wife Begins at 40 (D) & (A)
Funny Money (D) & (A)
Neville's Island (A)
One for the Road (A)
Stage Struck (A)
The Haunted Doll's House (A)
Bedside Manners (D) & (A)
Sign of the Times (A)
Look Who's Talking (A)
Two and Two Make Sex (A)
The Ghost's Touch (D) & (A)
Fatal Attraction (A)
Absent Friends (A)
Sailor Beware (A)
Pack of Lies (A)
Night Must Fall (A)
The Blue Room (A)
New Playwrights' Festival 2003 (A)
Jumpers (D)
The Unexpected Man (A)
Carry on Coward (A)
The Deep Blue Sea (A)
Bell, Book & Candle (D)
Alfie (D)
Accidental Death of an Anarchist (A)
Night Must Fall (D)
Noises Off (A)
Old Times (D) & (A)
The Diary of Anne Frank (A)
Shock! (A)
Parlour Song (D)
Father Brown - The Curse of the Invisible Man (D) & (A)
Snake in the Grass (D)
Changing Rooms (D) & (A)
Weekend Breaks (D)
The Signalman (D) & (A)
The Nightmare Room (D) & (A)
Raffles (D)
The Mystery of Edwin Drood (D)
Blood Relations (D)
The Haunted House (D)
Round the World in 40 Minutes (D)
It's a Wrap (D)
The Black Veil (D)
The Comedy of Terrors, Now You See It (A)
Sorry I Love You (D)
The Haunted Bride (D)
The Ripper Files (D)
Comedy of Terrors (A)
Word Perfect, The Gravy Train, Green Eyed Monsters (D)
Duet for One (D)
Second from Last in the Sack Race (D)
Quartet (D)
Dry Rot (D)
The Gondoliers (D)
The Horrific Case of Mr Valdemar (D)
HMS Pinafore (D)
Viva Mexico (D)
The Kingfisher (D)
The Pit and the Pendulum (D)
Ghost Ship (D)
The Haunting of Exham Priory (D)
Affairs in a Tent (A)
A Cricket Match (A)
Murder by Appointment (A)
Harvey (A)
Same Time Next Year (A)
Private Lives (A)
I'll Get My Man (A)
Look, No Hans! (A)
No Man's Land (A)
The End of the Affair (A)
Up 'N' Under (A)
Pygmalion (A)
Maggie's End (A)
Waiting for Godot (A)
Haunting Julia (A)

Links to Chesterfield: Founder of RUMPUS Theatre Company in 1994. He is also the writer and director for the company which is still operating today. He is married to actor and TABS productions founder Karen Henson.