Peter Sallis

Year of birth: 1921 (Died 2017)

Earlier/current work: In the BBC comedy series ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ he played Norman Clegg and was the only cast member to appear in every episode in its run from 1973 to 2010. In the Aardman Animation films featuring ‘Wallace and Gromit’ he voiced Wallace up to his retirement from acting in 2010.

Time in Chesterfield: 1949

Productions in Chesterfield:
See How They Run
See Naples and Die
The First Born
Grand National Night
By Candle Light
The Astonished Ostrich
Shadow and Substance
When We Are Married
Gas Light
Storm In Port
The School For Husbands
This Woman Business
They Knew What They wanted
The Marquise
Tons of Money
When Knights Were Bold
Fresh Fields

Links to Chesterfield: In his memoirs titled ‘Fading into the Limelight’ (published by Orion Books 2006) he wrote about his time in Chesterfield doing fortnightly rep. He had kept a programme for ‘When Knights Were Bold’ and noted that amongst the extras appeared the name Harold Pinter. He does not remember talking to Harold at the time of the production but got to know him “slightly” in later years.