Ronald Harwood

Year of birth: 1934

Earlier/current work: He started as an actor but became an author, playwright and screenwriter. He was Oscar nominated for best adapted screenplay in 1983 for The Dresser; he won the Oscar for best adapted screenplay in 2003 for The Pianist; he was Oscar nominated for best adapted screenplay in 2007 for The Diving Bell and the Butterfly.

Time in Chesterfield: 1957 1958 1959

Productions in Chesterfield:
The Spider's Web
Doctor in the House
The Desperate Hours
South Sea Bubble
A Christmas Carol
Romanoff and Juliet
You, Too, Can Have a Body
The Seventh Veil
It Won't Be a Stylish Marriage
The Diary of Anne Frank
High Temperature
The House by the Lake
Look Back in Anger
Saturday Night at the Crown
Murder on the Nile
Mrs Gibbon's Boys
Ten Minute Alibi
Shooting Star
Relations are best apart
The Passing of the Third Floor Back
Odd Man In
A Touch of the Sun
The Gay Dog
The Lovebirds
Variation on a Theme
Touch it Light
The Man

Links to Chesterfield: Performed with wife Natasha Riehle at the Pomegranate Theatre in 1957 and 1958.