Wilfrid Brambell

Year of birth: 1912 (Died 1985)

Earlier/current work: Albert Steptoe in the TV series ‘Steptoe and Son’ in 1960’s and 1970’s. Also appeared in The Adventures of Robin Hood, Quatermas II, A Christmas Carol and the film A Hard Day’s Night.

Time in Chesterfield: 1954 1955 1956

Productions in Chesterfield:
Waiting for Gillian
Off the Deep End
Both Ends Meet
The Secret Tent
The Love Match
The Moon is Blue
The Noble Spaniard
Misery Me
Reluctant Heroes
The Facts of Life
My Wife's Lodger
Job for the Boy
As Long As They're Happy
The Dashing White Sergeant
Bats in the Belfry
The Manor of Northstead
The Party Spirit
Lovers Meeting
The Imaginary Invalid
The Love Match
The Miser
Journeys End
The Little Hut
Someone Waiting
Dear Charles
Hindle Wakes
Tobias and the Angel
Trial and Error
The Burning Glass
The Marvellous Story of Puss in Boots