Princess Charming

Year: 1936

Start Date: 26 October

End Date: 31 October

Production Company: Chesterfield Operatic Society



Author: Book by Ferenez Marcus.Music by Albert Surmay.Lyrics by Arthur Wimperis.Adaptation by Arthur Wimperis & Lowrie Wylie.Dances by Connie Grant.

Director: Laurie Lingard .Musical director Henry Askew.


Orchestra-leader Mr.W.Wigley and 18 members.


F.W.Handcock .Eric Esland. Doreen Lingard. Charles Cooper. Molly Martin. Jack Woodhead .Ivy Mason. A. Lawson. Archie Hiller. William O`Carter.Rodney Winterton. Alan Mason. Louis Chambers.
15 in the ladies chorus.
20 in the men`s chorus.
13 dancers.

Items of Interest in the Programme:

A 34 page programme with photos of the cast members. Also local interest in the many advertisements e.g. D.M. Farber-wine and spirit merchants with price list of ports,sherry and wines.

A history of the Operatic Society 1905-1936 and previous productions.

List of Vice-Presidents, Patrons and Officers of the Society.

Other items / issues of interest:

Story of the play set in the Ruritanian State of Novia at the beginning of the Revolution.