Jill Darling

Year: 1938

Start Date: Monday 24th October

End Date: Saturday 29th October

Production Company: The Chesterfield Operatic Society

Type: Musical Comedy

Author: From the book by Marrott Edar, Musc by Vivian Ellis

Director: Laurie Lingard

Dickie Merrifield
R Pinder
Wm C Carter
May Briggs
W J Higginbottom
Laurie Lingard
Clarice Blythe
Ivy B Malson
Arthur Lawson
Alan V Mason
A P Hiller
A Sutill
Names of dancers and the male and female chorus members

Items of Interest in the Programme:
Outline story of the play
Programme of the music content
Photographs of the cast in costume
Synopsis of scenes
Details of "Patronage Nights"
List of patrons and non-acting members of the Society
Promotion for the "Jill Darling" Dance at the Station Hotel, Tuesday 1st November 1938 with Stan Cox and his Band. Tickets 4/6 (including supper).
List of Orchestra members and instruments.
Poem titled "Jill Darling? The P(oor) lot".
List of previous productions from 1905 to 1937, noting 1914-1918, no plays but concerts for the wounded soldiers and special efforts in connection with War charities.
List of officers and Committee of the Society with some photographs.

Other items / issues of interest:
The programme is specific to this production