Year: 1949

Start Date: 19 /09/1949

End Date: 24/09/ 1949

Production Company: Chesterfield Civic Theatre Ltd


Thriller Drama

Author: William Shakespeare

Director: Herbert M. Prentice (Producer)


Michael Turner

Michael Brill

Lewis Wilson

Peter Rudduck

Reginald Green

Lionel Dunn

Bernard Archard

Margaret Wolfit

Peter Sallis

James Belchamber

R0nald Lane

Dudley Buttrum

 Cynthia Hickling

Adam O`Riordan

John York

John Moor

Penelope Nicholson

Neville Hartley

Penelope Brailsford


Recurring Cast:

Bernard Archard James Belchamber Peter Sallis

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4 page programme.

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