See How They Run

Year: 1949

Start Date: 21/02/1949

End Date: 26/02/1949

Production Company: Chesterfield Civic Theatre Ltd



Author: Philip King (1904-1979)

Director: Laurence Hayes


Ida - Diana Fairfax
Miss Skillon - Dera Cooper
The Rev. Lionel Toop - Adrian Cairns
Penelope Toop - Josephine Laurie
Lance Corporal Clive Winston - Douglas Malcolm
The Intruder - Lewis Wilson
The Bishop of Lax - Peter Sallis
The Reverend Arthur Humphrey - Robert Sewell
Sergeant Towers - John York

Recurring Cast:

Peter Sallis Diana Fairfax

Items of Interest in the Programme:

16 photographs of “The Players” including Peter Sallis, 2 photographs of Councillors: Hodkin and Swale. Photograph of Manager Ian Vogler. Full details of the theatre opening ceremony on 19th February – programme of music; speakers; vote of thanks etc. Miss Kathleen Harrison, an artiste of the J.Arthur Rank Organisation, declared the theatre open.
List of ceremonies ‘of dedication’ one per day 21st-26th Feb by well known theatre and drama names. “22nd Feb by Philip King, author of “See How They Run). List of Council of Management and the Corporation Theatre Committee.

Other items / issues of interest:

This was the first production at the Chesterfield Civic Theatre.

Interesting note re. safety curtain, design by Alan Ball and Albert Carline of Chesterfield School of Art.
Two full pages of the history of the building – Stephenson Memorial Hall – from Public Hall and Education purposes to Cinema to Theatre.

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