French Without Tears

Year: 1950

Start Date: 25 May

End Date: 3 June

Production Company: Chesterfield Civic Theatre Limited



Author: Terence Rattigan

Director: Herbert M Prentice


Alan Rowe, William Lucas, Bernard Archard, Phyllida Breaks, Reginald Green, Frederick Peisley, Rowena Ingram, James Belchamber, Renee Goddard, John Sylvester

Recurring Cast:

Bernard Archard Alan Rowe William Lucas Frederick Peisley Rowena Ingram James Belchamber

Background to Production:

A comic play written by a 25-year-old Terence Rattigan in 1936. It takes place in a cram school for adults needing to acquire French for business reasons. The play was a success on its London debut, establishing Rattigan as a dramatist. Critics thought it 'gay, witty, thoroughly contemporary ... with a touch of lovable truth behind all its satire'.[1] It ran for over 1,000 performances in London and over 100 in New York.

Items of Interest in the Programme:

Promotion for next week's double bill production "Harry of England" with the Young Vic Players and "The Anniversary" by Anton Chekov (outline plots for both

Other items / issues of interest:

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