While the sun shines

Year: 1950

Start Date: 27 Feb

End Date: 4 March

Production Company: Chesterfield Civic Theatre Limited



Author: Terence Rattigan

Director: Robert Easton


David Saxby

James Belchamber

Bernard Archard

Recurring Cast:

Bernard Archard James Belchamber Rowena Ingram

Background to Production:

London Globe 1943

Items of Interest in the Programme:

Full page headed "help for critics" a look at the job of the critic, reactions to the critics and "fundamental questions" The critics ay consider promotion for next production "The Paragon" which will replace the advertised play "They Fly by Twilight"

Other items / issues of interest:

Piece headed "Playgoers' Choice" - invites patrons to submit a list of six plays they would like to see presented here at the Civic Theatre, the results of the "voting" wiull be published. No guarantee given that any will be performed.

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