Winter Sunshine

Year: 1950

Start Date: 17 April

End Date: 22 April

Production Company: Chesterfield Civic Theatre Ltd.



Author: G A Thomas

Director: Herbert M Prentice


James Belchamber, Charles Cooper, Rosalind Gee, Leonora Dymond, Rowena Ingram, Sheila Hamilton, Mary Jephson, William Lucas, Reginald Green, Winifred Shelley, Dinah Pollit, Bernard Archard, David Saxby, Phyllida Breaks, Frederick Peisely

Recurring Cast:

Bernard Archard James Belchamber Rowena Ingram William Lucas Frederick Peisley

Background to Production:

The problems, hopes and fears, of a disparate group of passengers on a voyage to Sydney.

Items of Interest in the Programme:

Piece headed "theatrical calendar", notable dates in April through the centuries, births of writers and actors, first productions, events (Bath Theatre burnt down in 1862)

Other items / issues of interest:

Full page headed "Combined Theatre and Bus Tickets" scheme to encourage out-of-town audiences into the theatre. Transport booked and arranges with the help of and Arts Council Grant for the scheme.

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