Charley's Aunt

Year: 1951

Start Date: 26 December

End Date: 12 January (1952

Production Company: Chesterfield Civic Theatre Ltd



Author: Brendon Thomas

Director: Producer: Chloe Gibson; Stage Director: George Holst


John Arnatt

Recurring Cast:

John Arnatt Peter Stephens Alan Rowe James Belchamber Margaret Tyzack

Background to Production:

The play was run continuously in England since February 1892 when it was first produced at the Bury St Edmunds Theatre

Items of Interest in the Programme:

Full page of interesting facts: The opening night in 1892 was the smallest audience on record, the takings were under £1. By 21st December that year at the Royalty Theatre, London it became "The biggest thing London had ever seen" and ran for 4 years to packed houses. Seven companies went out on tour with it in the UK alone, plus America, Canada, Australia, S. Africa, New Zealand, and was presented in every European language. At one time it was being presented in 48 different theatres. The play has been filmed 4 times.

Other items / issues of interest:

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