Jane Steps Out

Year: 1951

Start Date: 23 July

End Date: 28 July

Production Company: Chesterfield First Nighters' Club



Author: Kenneth Horne

Director: Frederick Peisley, Stage Director: George Hoist


Audrey Blezard, Peter Stephens, Morris Barry, Sally Lahee, Rowena Ingram, Dinah Pollit, Gladys Robinson, William Lucas

Recurring Cast:

Audrey Blezard Peter Stephens Morris Barry Rowena Ingram William Lucas Frederick Peisley

Background to Production:

"The Cinderella theme, in whatever guise, is always appealing and, in this very modern version by Kenneth Horne, it makes the work of producer and artists a pleasure and theatre-going delight.

Items of Interest in the Programme:

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Other items / issues of interest:

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