The Lady with a Lamp

Year: 1951

Start Date: 12 June

End Date: 23 June



Author: Reginald Berkeley

Director: Chloe Gibson


Morris Barry, Audrey Blezard, Frederick Peisley, Allan Rowe, Edward Brooke, Rowina Ingram, Bernard Archard, Charles Cooper, Sally Lahee, Arthur Olivant, James Belchamber, Ernest Bramley, Dinah Pollit, Desmond Baker, Jonathan Caswell, Antony Millican, James Brabezon, Doreen Burch, George Hoist and many others

Recurring Cast:

Bernard Archard Morris Barry Alan Rowe Frederick Peisley Rowena Ingram William Lucas Audrey Blezard Peter Stephens James Belchamber

Background to Production:

No Information Available

Items of Interest in the Programme:

Picture of Chatsworth House. Some Old Master drawings from Chatsworth hung in the theatre lounge. Front cover of programme portrait of the bust of Florence Nightingale courtesy of National Portrait Gallery. Notes on Florence Nightingale and her Derbyshire home with pictures of Lea Hurst. With list of books to read on Florence Nightingale.

Other items / issues of interest:

Letter from H.J. Hodkin, Chairman of Civic Theatre Management