Message For Margaret

Year: 1952

Start Date: 21 April

End Date: 26 April

Production Company: Chesterfield Civic Theatre Limited

Production Type: A play in three acts

Author: James Parish

Director: Producer: Morris Barry


Mary Horn

Recurring Cast:

Peter Stephens Rowena Ingram William Lucas Morris Barry

Background to Production:

Stephen Austen arrives at the home of Margaret Hayden to tell her that her husband David has died in an accident. He says that David's last words were "Tell Margaret I love her" and then something unintelligible. David ran a publishing house and one of the authors visits Margaret - she tells her that not only is her name, Adelyn Chalcott, a nom de plume and that it is really Margaret but that she and David were lovers. Which Margaret was the message for? Then when Adelyn says she is pregnant with David's baby Margaret decides to murder her. Her balcony is unsafe and she invites Adelyn to look at the view. However, at the last moment she saves her. Adelyn asks Margaret to help her reconcile with her husband, Robert, for the sake of the baby. Robert is invited over but goes out onto the balcony which collapses and he is killed. Margaret blames herself for the death. Stephen tries to cheer her up. Margaret talks about her honeymoon. Stephen claims that the unintelligible part of David's message was the name of the honeymoon destination.

Items of Interest in the Programme:

Promotion for next week, 28th April, "The Eagle Has Two Heads" by Jean Cocteau (adapted by Ronald Duncan).

Other items / issues of interest:

The programme is of a general type

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