The Ballet Rambert

Year: 1952

Start Date: 1 September

End Date: 6 September

Production Company: Mercury Theatre Trust Ltd in association with Arts Council of Great Britain

Author: No Information Available

Director: Marie Rambert


Mary Wood, Thelma Lister, Michael Wise, Audrey Brookes, Cecil Bates, Norma Dixon, John Chesworth, Noreen Sopwith, Joanna Bowers, Christine Hindmarsh, Gillian Martlew, Christine Haughton, Shirley Rees, Alexander Bennett, Mary Munro, Josephine Spaull, Siv Ehrein, Norman Macdowell, Beryl Goldwyn, Ann Horn.

Background to Production:

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Items of Interest in the Programme:

Details of the following four acts with music content and dancers performing in each piece:

Other items / issues of interest:

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