Will Any Gentleman...?

Year: 19552

Start Date: 02-06-1952

End Date: 07-06-1952



Author: Vernon Sylvaine

Director: Morris Barry


Audrey Blezard - The Dancer

Peter Henchie - Mendoza

Rowena Ingram - Angel

Edward Brooks - Albert Boyle

James Belchamber - Henry Stirling

Margaret Tyzack - Beryl

Anthony Millican - Dr. Smith

Hilda Kriseman - Florence Stirling

Peter Stephens - Charley Stirling

John Brooking - Detective Inspector Martin

James Roughead - Stanley Jackson

Maureen O'Reilly - Honey

Joan Emney - Mrs. Whittle

George Holst - Montague Billing

Patricia Newman - Set designer

Eric Mulvey - Set construction




Recurring Cast:

Audrey Blezard Rowena Ingram James Belchamber Margaret Tyzack Peter Stephens Morris Barry

Background to Production:

Will Any Gentleman? is a 1950 stage farce by the British writer Vernon Sylvaine.[1] The play was first performed at the Royal Court Theatre in Liverpool in July 1950. It then went on to the West End, running for 364 performances at the Stand Theatre between September 1950 and July 1951.[2] It starred Robertson Hare, who appeared in several plays by Sylvaine. Hare plays a mild-mannered bank clerk who, after a night out, is hypnotized into a much more assertive lifestyle