For the Love of Mike

Year: 1953

Start Date: 14 December

End Date: 19 December

Production Company: Chesterfield Civic Theatre Ltd

Author: H.F. Maltby

Director: George Hoist


Anthony Millican , Peter Stephens, Margaret Tyzack, Anthony Blezard, Christobel Hayward, Charles Lepper, John Sharplin, Joss Ackland, Anthony Massie

Recurring Cast:

Peter Stephens Margaret Tyzack Audrey Blezard Joss Ackland

Background to Production:

No Information Available

Items of Interest in the Programme:

Ad. for the show of the year - Cinderella- the happiest, snappiest Xmas show ever. Music, singing, dancing and the "golden coach." Thursday 24th December to Saturday January 9th 1954. Half page feature headed "The Likes and Dislikes of Yvonne Jacques (Stage Manager) - film, film stars, writers, painters, music and holidays.

Other items / issues of interest:

No Information Available