Bed Board and Romance

Year: 1954

Start Date: 7 June

End Date: 12 June

Production Company: Chesterfield Civic Theatre Ltd.



Author: Harry Jackson

Director: George Holst


Esme Easterbrook. Gillian Owen.Raymond Mason.Diane Vernon. Anne Smith. Nigel Davenport.Constance Scrimshaw. Jon Curle. Bryn Roberts. Heather Woodhams. Stuart Hutchison. Pauline Drew.

Recurring Cast:

Nigel Davenport

Background to Production:


Items of Interest in the Programme:

Announcing a new service.For your convenience you may pay a deposit of £3 or over and have theatre tickets posted to you,one week in advance.

Other items / issues of interest:

In the theatre lounge,an exhibition of pottery,paintings and drawings by David S.Flatow & James A. Massey,two young Chesterfield artists.

Production Gallery