The Picture of Dorian Gray

Year: 1954

Start Date: 22 November

End Date: 27 November

Production Company: Chesterfield Civic Theatre Ltd

Author: Adapted by Constance Cox from the novel by Oscar Wilde

Director: Gerard Glaister


Michael Blakemore.Raymond Mason. Jon Curle. Nigel Davenport. Janet Chisholm. Mona Bruce. Ted Fellows. Gillian Owen.

Recurring Cast:

Nigel Davenport Michael Blakemore Raymond Mason Mona Bruce Gerard Glaister

Background to Production:


Items of Interest in the Programme:

Next week " Almost a Honeymoon",a farce by Walter Ellis.

Other items / issues of interest:

Civic Theatre Club Fri 17 th Dec.members meeting to appoint officers and committee,followed by " Any Questions ?",answered by a panel of persons connected to the Civic.

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