The Marvellous Story of Puss In Boots

Year: 1955

Start Date: 24 December

End Date: 7 January

Production Company: Chesterfield Civic Theatre Ltd.

Production Type: " A Christmas Fantasy"

Author: Nicholas Stuart Gray.

Director: Gerard Glaister


Graham Larkin.Wilfrid Brambell.Robina King. Mavis Squires.Janet Chisholm.Michael Alexander. Marigold Sharman.Gwilym Williams. Raymond Mason. Denis Lacey. Kenneth Parrott.

Recurring Cast:

Wilfrid Brambell

Background to Production:


Items of Interest in the Programme:

"Full page season`s greetings and prosperity in 1956 to all our patrons.Make your new year resolution, a weekly visit to the Civic."

Other items / issues of interest:

Usual format for the programme but printed in red and green with holly decoration borders.