The Moon is Blue

Year: 1955

Start Date: 17 October

End Date: 22 October

Production Company: Chesterfield Civic Theatre Ltd

Production Type: Billed as an "Amorous comedy famed on both sides of the Atlantic" brief outline of plot given

Author: F Hugh Herbert

Director: Kenneth Parrott


Marigold Sharman Michael Alexander Raymond Mason

Recurring Cast:

Wilfrid Brambell

Background to Production:

Previous programme ad. says this play is "an amusing tale of sex from a different angle and the play is not suitable for children"

Items of Interest in the Programme:

Notice to patrons: "Make a note of our Christmas treat for all the family "The marvellous story of Puss in Boots" 24 Dec to 7 Jan 1956

Other items / issues of interest:

No Information Available