Chu Chin Chow

Year: 1956

Start Date: 12 March

End Date: 17 March

Production Company: Chesterfield Operatic Society



Author: Oscar Asche.Set to music by Frederic Norton

Director: Arthur Lawson.


Tom Drake. Stan Brown. Wilfred Easter. Colin Wheatley. William Jarvis. Fred Banks.Herbert Spencer. Eric Moxon. William Baker. Ken Holmes. Doreen Shand. Muriel Watts. Doreen Charlesworth. Bernice Malson. Winnie Notley. Peggy Platts.

Background to Production:

The story of Chu Chin Chow. " In Persia once two brothers dwelt ,Kasim and Ali Baba spelt.. . . .The beginning of the story of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves .Embelish it, add music, sets and gorgeous raiment and the result is Chu Chin Chow.

Items of Interest in the Programme:

The programme notes the death of the Society`s friend and President, George Kenning Kt.

Other items / issues of interest: