My Three Angels

Year: 1956

Start Date: 7 May

End Date: 12 May

Production Company: Chesterfield Civic Theatre Ltd



Author: Sam and Bella Spewack

Director: Bernard Archard


William Macilwraith, Elizabeth Elston, Elizabeth Spriggs, Robina King, Harvey Hallsmith, James Belchamber, Walter Hall, Bernard Archard, Gwilym Williams, David Jarrett

Recurring Cast:

Bernard Archard Elizabeth Spriggs James Belchamber

Background to Production:

The Play's first production (part of which takes place in the Theatre Royal, Brighton) actually took place,at that theatre. The play was a recent London success and highly acclaimed by Theatre and Cinema goers on both sides of the Atlantic. (comments from last Programme)

Items of Interest in the Programme:

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Other items / issues of interest:

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