The Whole Truth

Year: 1957

Start Date: 21 January

End Date: 26 January

Author: Philip Mackie

Director: John Bryans


Barbara Whatley.Graham Lines.Elizabeth Friis.Laurence Fletcher.Rosalind Sarjeant. Alan Wallace. Frederick Hall.

Background to Production:

Aldwich Theatre,London 11 October 1955

Items of Interest in the Programme:

A representative visited the theatre from the Manchester Guardian & wrote a very favourable review of the theatre audience`s warmth & interchange of "live" theatre.This review was then printed on 13 th December 1956.The review began " Manchester would be lucky to have a place like the Chesterfield Civic Theatre;just the right size for the repertory. . ."

Other items / issues of interest:

The audience numbers had decreased due to the rationing of petrol.The general manager suggested ways for people to continue to come and thus maintain a regular attendance which was important at this difficult time.