The Seventh Veil

Year: 1958

Start Date: 10 February

End Date: 15 February

Production Company: Chesterfield Civic Theatre Ltd. - The Civic Players



Author: Muriel and Sydney Box

Director: David Harris (Producer)


Rosemary Rogers, Michael Alexander, Michael Reeves, Francis Hall, Ronald Harwood, David Grantley, Peter Thorpe, Michael Vardy, Brigid Panet, Edwina KIng

Recurring Cast:

Ronald Harwood

Background to Production:

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Items of Interest in the Programme:

Full Page "Dear Patrons" from Richard Scott (Director of Productions) promoting next week's production - "The House By the Lake" by Hugh Mills. "A gripping, exciting thriller - running for the last two years in London, starring Flora Robson. This will be the first "Repertory" production of this play - still running in London to this Saturday." Goes on to discuss the inauguration of Junior Theatre Club." Thanks to all concerned. Hopes many more people will join both adult club and junior club. Richard Scott says he was previously producing in Salisbury - a much smaller city than Chesterfield, where they had the largest jnr theatre club in the world.

Other items / issues of interest:

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