Hansel and Gretel

Year: 1959

Start Date: 26 December

End Date: 2 January (1960)

Production Company: Independent Amateur



Author: Madge Miller

Director: No Information Available


The cast was a combination of children and adults known to the producer. (See below.)

Background to Production:

This was a significant production that was staged by amateurs to fill a need and a gap in the market not being filled by the professional repertory company.

Items of Interest in the Programme:

This was the first ever children`s play at the theatre & at that time no panto tradition existed at the Civic .

Other items / issues of interest:

There was considerable media publicity for this production in view of it being a group formed & funded by Nicholson & Faulkner in order to produce a children`s Christmas play for one time only .This media concern was because the theatre already had its own rep company which was not involved.