The Linden Singers-Concert

Year: 1961

Start Date: 18 February

End Date: 18 February

Production Company: The Linden Singers



Author: -

Director: Conductor-Ian Humphris.


Barbara Elsy. Juliet Bond. Patrick Halstead. Robert Tear. Pauline Stevens. Ruth Little. John Huw Davis, Geoffrey White.

Background to Production:

The Linden Singers were originally formed in 1950 by eight students at The Royal Academy of Music.They first broadcast in Spring 1954 & their first T.V. appearance was in " Music at Ten ".The Linden Singers number 16, from which groups of varying sizes could be formed, the most usual number being eight.

Items of Interest in the Programme:

Ian Humphris became director in 1960 and has been associated with the Linden Singers since their formation.

Other items / issues of interest: