Critic's Voice

Year: 1962

Start Date: 3 December

End Date: 8 December

Production Company: Chesterfield Civic Theatre Ltd



Author: Ira Levin

Director: Colin McIntyre


Carol Raymont James Langley David Beale John Cobner Jean Alexandrov Margaret Jordan

Recurring Cast:

David Beale Carol Raymont April Walker

Background to Production:

No Information Available

Items of Interest in the Programme:

“Dear Patrons” by Richard Scott. Promoting his production for next week “The Rainmaker” plus outline of story.

Other items / issues of interest:

P.S.(added below) We can now announce our search for “Cinderella” is over, she is Miss Anne Turner (no indication if she is local or not) and she will be the surprise guest at the Repertory Ball.

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