Piano Recital Iso Elinson

Year: 1963

Start Date: 14 March

Production Company: Borough of Chesterfield Library and Cultural Activities Committee



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"Iso Ellinson is well known by his appearances as soloist under leading conductors both here and abroad, and by his many recitals and broadcasts. In recent years he has also given whole series of recitals in London, in the provinces and abroad, playing Bach's "48" , Beethoven's 32 Pianoforte Sonatas and all the important works by Chopin. His musical sympathies are wide and he has introduced several important contemporary works to this country and the Continent. He has recorded Chopin's 24 Etudes and 24 Preludes. New LP recordings of several Beethoven Sonatas will be released very shortly. Iso Elinson has recently returned from a series of concerts in Germany, and later this year he will play in the USA. This is his fourth visit to Chesterfield since 1960"

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