Julius Caesar

Year: 1966

Start Date: 29 November

End Date: 3 December

Production Company: Chesterfield Civic Theatre Ltd



Author: William Shakespeare

Director: Colin McIntyre.Set design-Jean Birkumshaw


David Richardson. George Tarry. John Linares. Terence O`Sullivan Roger Foss. David Howey .Barry Sheppard. Dan Cornwall .Peter Harlow.John Keightley .Gregory De Polnay. Paul Garrod .Pamela Salem .Scott Frederick .Warren Smith. Jennifer Gould. Paul Greenwood. Janet Brill. Rachel Stewart.

Recurring Cast:

Paul Greenwood Pamela Salem

Background to Production:

Photo of John Linares & a list of his previous roles at Chesterfield.

Items of Interest in the Programme:


Other items / issues of interest: