Under Milk Wood

Year: 1966

Start Date: 18 October

End Date: 29 October

Production Company: Chesterfield Civic Theatre Ltd

Production Type: Pathos ribald fun lyric beauty and homeliness

Author: Dylan Thomas

Director: Colin McIntyre


Dan Cornwall

Background to Production:

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Items of Interest in the Programme:

From the Manager's Office - referring to the leader column of "The Stage" printed in last week's programme. Outlines the School Theatre Club Scheme Membership is £1 a year (13 and over) and ten shillings a year (under 13). Members can attend any performance, other than Saturday evenings, bank holidays and panto, at no extra charge. Theatre staff and artistes will visit clubs for discussions, etc. Regarding the question raised in The Stage article concerning choice of plays - management feels a repertoire of worthwhile plays will be an equally rewarding experience, for all playgoers, regardless of age, although the different age groups may interpret the plays differently.

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